NextGen Widget Encrypt

NextGen Widget Encrypt by NextGen Widget Software is a specialize easy to use OpenPGP encryption software. It can handle all of your data encryption needs including securely deleting files.

What is NextGen Widget Encrypt?

NextGen Widget Encrypt (NGWE) is a special implementation of highly sophisticated encryption software made for enterprise, small business and average user. NextGen Widget Software has designed there encryption software to make it easy and simple for everyone to be able to use the software. NGWE has no back doors at all. It is always recommended to secure your passphrase because we will not be able to recover the password for you.

Who needs encryption?

The facts are that we all need encryption software. Everywhere we turn we hear of data breaches in the millions that make our everyday identity vulnerable to hackers. Data breaches are on the rise with the number of data breaches in the U.S. hitting a record high in 2017; Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC)*.

We need to be vigilant in securing our data and not just think that backing up data will suffice. One thing really dazzled me when I heard about the Equifax Data Breach. I never read anything that indicated the stolen was encrypted while in the database; at rest. If the database was encrypted at rest, the stolen information would have been useless without having the private key to decrypt the data. Instead 143 million American consumers sensitive personal information was exposed in the data breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies.

Equifax isn't the only company that had their data breached, thers Target in 2013, Yahoo in 2016, Myspace in 2016, LinkedIn in 2016, Ebay in 2014, JP Morgan Chase in 2014, Uber 2016, Home Depot in 2014, Adobe in 2013**, US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 2012-14 and there are many more. These are the ones we hear about and of course, there are much more we know nothing about. Let's take for instance a simple email that is sent to anyone. We have no real idea as a consumer just how many routers a simple email goes through before it reaches its destination. In between those points there can be what's called a man in the middle attack which can sniff for plain text data going over the wire.

Even today some government municipalities are guilty of receiving or sending unencrypted information. For example, most government human resource departments offer you the opportunity to send your resume via an email. As we all know, emails are not secured and that entire email can be vulnerable to attack. Now, that hacker has your personal information or at least some of it to do as they wish.

Personally, I believe that government municipalities should post an OpenPGP public key so that you can encrypt the data including a file and then send it to these municipalities. They can decrypt that data using their private key on the other end.

How does NextGen Widget Encrypt work?

When you first start NextGen Widget Encrypt you are prompted to create a username and password that is used to create and encrypt the PKI key store. Next you simply generate a key pair which automatically gets entered into your key store. You can also import a key pair if you already have one.

Once you finished this process your ready to encrypt and decrypt text and files.

How easy is it to encrypt text?

The process of encrypting text only takes four steps. You simply select the text task, enter the text you wish to encrypt, and click encrypt. This is what we mean by easy to use. Encrypting text and be a complicated process and NextGen Widget Encrypt makes this a simple process.

Secure your data Now

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** Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) – 2017 Annual Data Breach Year-End Review