NextGen Widget MAC Lookup

NextGen Widget MAC Lookup

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NextGen Widget MAC Lookup by NextGen Widget Software is a simple MAC address lookup program. NextGen Widget MAC Lookup has two functions, one is to do a lookup via the Internet and the other off-line.

There are many occasions when a network administrator needs to verify a device on an interface. Having a connection to the Internet makes this extremely easy. However, there are times when you don't have an Internet connection and still need to verify what type of device is connected to an interface.

That's where NextGen Widget MAC Lookup adds a little bit more functionality. If you click the In-house radio button and enter the MAC address. Click the “MAC Check” button and you will still get the device manufacturer based on the MAC address.

This program is offered for free and we only ask that you share the program and website with other social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

SHA 256 (exe): 4F83A7B3FC074C452F842581EC7C0282C93A70CCD5DDFF8061B7C498BCA6E031
SHA 256 (zip): B85BCB2FABDE4A30BEF54A4F88B048AF8222FB0003AEC9E10A0DD29BFBF4EB40

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