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NextGen Widget Encrypt

NextGen Widget Encrypt by NextGen Widget Software is an easy to use OpenPGP Encryption program with a focus on cryptography and data security. It's full with features that makes this encryption software easy to use and fun. At one time, everyone thought that Encryption was strictly for business use only. In today's society, encryption is for everyone because identity theft, stolen credit cards, personal information are all rampant. We all know now that we should use encryption for our eMails, files and folders but, encryption in it's raw form is hard to understand and hard to use.

That's why we made NextGen Widget Encrypt which makes the encryption process easier. In NextGen Widget Encrypt everything is generally managed from the key store so that you become familiar with one location. NextGen Widget Encrypt allows you to encrypt and decrypt files securely using an easy to understand interface. Encrypting text is even simpler because you can copy the text a notepad. Then, simply right-click on the recipient's public key, then select encrypt and paste the encrypted text that's now on the clipboard back into the document or eMail.

NextGen Widget Encrypt quickly generates encryption keys (RSA, ElGamal and Elliptic Curve) with many different cipher options like AES 128, AES 192, AES 256, CAMELLIA 256. Using (ECC) you have the option Curve P-256, Curve P-384, Curve P-521, Brainpool256, Brainpool384 and Brainpool512.

With NextGen Widget Encrypt you also have the option to work with X.509 certificates. NextGen Widget Encrypt can generate a certificate authority root certificate, intermediate root certificate, self sign certificate, code signing certificate and even creates a certificate from a certificate signing request (CSR). Our X.509 certificate software enables you to select different key usage for each key. However, to make it simple each X.509 certificate you select has a default setting which you can easily just accept or pick your own. Before you generate the X.509 certificate you can easily review it to make sure it's exactly what you want.

NextGen Widget Encrypt doesn't include self-extracting files executable because the decryption engine is located in the same executable making it easy for hackers. Our software works strictly with PKI private and public key infrastructure and has a host of incredible features; check them out.


  • Shrink to System Tray.
  • Generate OpenPGP Keys (RSA, ElGamal and Elliptic Curve).
  • Lock the program.
  • 3 Attempts login.
  • Import OpenPGP with extensions (asc, pkr, gpg and skr).
  • Export OpenPGP with extensions (asc, pkr, gpg and skr).
  • Right click context menu on the key store.
  • Sort encryptions keys in List View.
  • No Back Door.
  • Delete Keys.
  • Secure File Delete.
  • Secure Directory Delete.
  • Key Properties.
  • Change Key Password.
  • Set key trust.
  • Alert if a key expires or is revoked.
  • Simple Key Store management.
  • Print Key report to PDF.
  • PGP 2.x Compatibility.
  • QR Code – (Public Key, Fingerprint) and add your own text.
  • Search PGP Key Server.
  • Import Keys from PGP Key Server.
  • Export Keys to Key Server.
  • Create and Issue X.509 version Certificates.
  • Create Certificate Authority (CA) Certificates (Root).
  • Create User Digital Certificates, Self-Signed, Time Stamping, etc.
  • Issue a Digital Certificate from CSR.
  • Issue a Digital Certificate Signed by a Root Certificate.
  • Import Digital Certificate into MS Certificate Store.
  • Create an Intermediate Root Certificate.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt using a Digital Certificate.
  • Easy to understand help file.
  • Decrypts and Encrypts files from: Symantec Encryption Desktop, McAfee E-Business Server, GnuPG (gpg), Gpg4Win, WinPT, Authora EDGE, Articsoft FileAssurity and more.

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