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NEXTGEN SUBNET WIDGET designed by NEXTGEN WIDGET SOFTWARE is a great tool for Network Administration, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Technology, Systems Engineer, and LAN/WAN Admins. Packed with great tools every Network Engineer uses every day like a Subnet Mask Calculator for both IPv4 and IPv6, File Hashing, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Ping Scanner and more.

NEXTGEN SUBNET WIDGET makes it easy to word with IPv4/IPv6. The IPv4 subnet calculator gives you all the information you need to manage and troubleshoot a network and it also includes the wildcard mask for OSPF route and the ability to Supernet. The IPv6 calculator is a work of art with IPv6 break down and the ability to subnet IPv6 by bits, create Link-Local addresses from MAC Addresses and generate Unique Local Addresses. The widget is great for Network Engineer who create IPv4 to IPv6 Tunneling with the easy to use “4to6 Tunnel tab you just enter the IPv4 address and click create, done.

Anyone can just pick up a subnet calculator, but this is not just a subnet calculator it is an advanced subnet widget which includes an advance subnet calculator. This widget has all the tools in one place for anyone designing or administrating a LAN/WAN network. For example, it has a strong password generator tool that can be used to help you generate a strong secure password for things like Firewalls, Cisco SNMP strings, VPN tunnel endpoints, OSPF shared key and so much more.

Other great functions like the diff tool can easily be used to compare configuration files or any text file. This diff tool easily highlight the row that is in conflict with color coding and bold text. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to comparing text files. I know, because I've had to compare many configurations files when it comes to troubleshooting Cisco equipment. Sometimes we miss just the slightest thing such as one digit in an IP address that can cause havoc on your network. A diff tool should be in every network administrators toolbelt.

Have you ever found yourself in need of a Custom Subnet Mask Calculator. Many administrators run into a simple problem of figuring out a wildcard mask for things like OSPF. This widget specially designed as a Custom Subnet Mask Calculator that not only gives you ranges like most calculators but adds that special touch for OSPF and binary bits. Further, it has a built-in subnet divider which is simple to use just by adding the number of bits to create your subnets. Super netting is always a key and interesting feature that comes with this advanced subnet calculator (widget).

Ensure you have everything you need to design your network according to the IPv4/IPv6 addressing standards and add NextGen Subnet Widget to your troubleshooting warchest. Download our advanced NextGen Subnet Widget with our 30 day free trial. NextGen Subnet Widget is more than just a IPv4/IPv6 calculator. It's power in a box.


    • IPv4/IPv6 Addressing
    • IPv4/IPv6 Supernet
    • Network and OSPF Wildcard Mask for Network Admins
    • Binary Bits and subdivide subnets by bits
    • Print ranges or network addresses to PDF
    • Subdivide IPv6 subnets and print to PDP
    • Convert MAC Address to Lin-Local
    • Create IPv6 Unique Local Addresses
    • IPv6 Host Ranges Printed out in PDF
    • IPv4: 6to4 Tunnel Addressing
    • IPv6 Document Prefix
    • Unit Converter – Calculate Cisco TX/RX load utilization
  • File Hashing compare hashes
  • Diffie Hellman exchange
  • Text File Diff – File Comparison
  • Ping Tool – Range or by CIDR Notation
  • Strong Password Generator
  • MAC Address Lookup

NextGen Widget Software

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